Balance bikes are much safer and more practical than tricycles and training wheels. Ergonomic handlebars on the Kundo Ultralight are mounted on a track system which ensures a proper alignment with the fork. Sealed industrail wheel bearings and free of protruding fasteners, bolts and axles are just some examples of extra attantion paid on making sure the little rider is safe. With patended design of easy assembly drivetrain, pedal kit can be intalled to transform the bike into a full functioned balance in just 15 mintues. All-surface air filled tyres Fully aluminium frame Ultra-light bike weighs only 3.7 kg Saddle height: 37-43cm Max rider weight 30 kg Rim size: 12" EN71 and ASTM F963 approved Patented: Eurpe 002419812-0002 Suggested age: 2 - 5 Suggested rider height: 88 CM


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  • 西班牙 KUNDO藉由平衡車讓寶貝學習平衡感,訓練腿部肌肉,一體式車架、圓型頭管且全車流線無銳角安全設計,提供最完善、舒適騎乘。 一體式車架、圓型頭管且全車流線無銳角安全設計,提供最完善、舒適騎乘 以兒童安全為優先考量,車架流線造型,圓潤無銳角,隱藏式車軸,螺絲不外露 鋁合金輪圈搭配高轉速軸承,順暢無比,搭配12吋加寬充氣輪胎,比一般市面上輪胎更寬抓地力更好,更穩更好騎,適合各種場地使用。 Kundo SmartTrail 系列設計可以加裝腳踏,齒輪、鍊條及踏板三者搭配的天衣無縫。只需15分鐘,平衡車就能轉成腳踏車,讓小騎士再次上路,大大增加可玩性。 全車鋁合金打造,重量超輕 全車僅重3.7KG 坐墊高度:37-43cm 最大載重:30 KG 輪框:12"鋁圈輪框 歐洲EN71玩具安全 美國ASTM F963安全法規檢驗 歐盟世界專利 002419812-0001 建議使用年紀:2-5歲 建議使用身高:約 88 cm